A Note From Gavin 12.3.20

So one of my all-time favorite posts here on this blog is this one because it makes light of the obvious guilt aspect of this week’s “Giving Tuesday” social media campaign that comes directly after a weekend of binge buying by many consumers. With that being said, “Giving Tuesday” can serve as a great reminder of the importance of generosity. This past weekend during our simple church gathering I was reminded again of the incredible gratitude that our family has for receiving so many generous gifts.  Even this past week I shared in our family newsletter a prayer request concerning some medical… Read More »A Note From Gavin 12.3.20

A Letter From Karla and Gavin

Dear Friends and Family, Here we are at the end of one year and the cusp of another. As we reflect on 2014, we are moved to express our gratitude to you. We wake up and get to do what we are doing because of the great love and support we receive from you. We continue to serve with the faithful pioneers of Simple Church Alliance. We have been trusting God together with this endeavor for four years. In 2014, we have enjoyed celebrating marriages including Kye and Kendall’s beautiful ceremony on the Wheeler’s farm and Dirk and Charity Joy’s… Read More »A Letter From Karla and Gavin

Guest Blog: Giving In The Simple Church, By David Toth

By David Toth There area number of perspectives from which to discuss the issue of giving in the simple church. Some are the 1) theological, 2) practical, 3) mission, 4) strategic, etc. These brief paragraphs take a practical approach and mention some of the more encouraging aspects of giving in the simple church (an organic house church sized body of believers). In the simple church we can be encouraged that most of our giving can be directed to missionaries, orphans, local apostolics, and needy people. This reflects giving in the early church for the needy in the church and outside… Read More »Guest Blog: Giving In The Simple Church, By David Toth