Guest Blog by Kaity Wilson

On May 15th just a couple weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting the women of simple church in my apartment for a creative worship night. It was such a blessing to have our community of women of all generations, from age 8 and up, gathered in the presence of our Father to seek Him and to express ourselves in creative worship. It was at last year’s Simple Church Conference that my heart was set ablaze with a yearning to have more quality time with the women who make up Simple Church, but God had not shown me how… Read More »Guest Blog by Kaity Wilson

Images from the Prayer Room

This past weekend we had a the great experience of seeing people from simple churches across the region (really the entire southeast!) come together for 48 hours of continual prayer.  Participants that made it to the designated “prayer room” were encouraged to experience communication with God in a variety of ways.  Prayer through song,  art, journaling, silence, Communion, and utilizing a map of the city to pray for different areas were some of the ways that participants could pray.   While it is certainly not possible to share all the requests and insights reflected in the room and from those that… Read More »Images from the Prayer Room

April 9 Simple Church Training

Simple Church Alliance’s monthly training opportunity! Each month, we invite you to join a growing group of people leading simple churches as well as those preparing to lead simple church ministries for a time of fellowship, encouragement and training!  Each month we will discuss issues related to simple church ministry and offer an opportunity for you to share struggles, questions, and even victories from the journey.   This Month: Preparing for Easter On April 9, Join us as we prepare for Easter.  We will discuss the upcoming 24-hour prayer time between Good Friday and Easter as well as the Celebration… Read More »April 9 Simple Church Training

Last Sundae – A Story of Healing (Updated!)

October 12, 2012: I thought I would briefly share a story from our simple church gathering last week: There is a couple in our simple church that have a tremendous desire to reach out to their neighbors.  They are prayerful about seeing a simple church birthed in their neighborhood, and while they patiently wait for that day to arrive, they have been busy loving their neighbors in the name of Jesus (and even some of my neighbors!)  One man on their street has cancer and they asked him if he and his family would like to receive prayer for before… Read More »Last Sundae – A Story of Healing (Updated!)

Luke 10:2 Virus & More

Hello folks! I wanted to share few thoughts with you all related to the Simple Church Conference. At the conference, many of you were introduced to the idea of the “Luke 10:2 Virus.” I would like to ask you all to join me in spreading this virus! As I think about it, there really is no greater need than for the Lord to send out laborers into His harvest. The harvest truly is plentiful and the workers are few! Here is the story Felicity shared at the Simple Church Conference 2012: Any church planting movement must be preceded and then… Read More »Luke 10:2 Virus & More

Discipleship Tool: Life Transformation Groups

How do I make a disciple?  Make no mistake, there is no formula or ten step process for making disciples.   However, when Jesus told the disciples to “go and make disciples of all the nations,” I have a strong feeling they knew how to do what he was talking about.  After all, they had been discipled by Jesus and observed first-hand “the way” Jesus turned them into one of His disciples!  I have posted briefly some of the discipleship principles we see Jesus live out, a full message on the subject, and the crazy “Turtleman Video” illustration here. But how can… Read More »Discipleship Tool: Life Transformation Groups