Karla Duerson

Our American Stories: Receiving Wylie

Over the summer, my wife Karla participated in a writing class with author Leslie Leyland Fields.  Through that opportunity, a door opened to share Wylie’s story on the national podcast Our American Stories.  I helped her through the agonizing process of recording this story. (Karla often can’t get through cartoon stories without crying) and today it was posted on their website.  I’ve not shared a lot about our experience with Wylie on this blog. (Karla and I occasionally have done that over on her blog), but needless to say our world has been forever changed by Wylie.  I’m super proud… Read More »Our American Stories: Receiving Wylie

An update on our baby girl…

Hey folks… Just wanted to give a short personal update here on the simple church website about our baby on the way, Margaret Wylie Duerson. Many of you know that Karla is pregnant with a little girl.  After our 20 week ultrasound, our midwife referred us to a high-risk pregnancy doctor.  We went to this appointment on Tuesday.  The doctor found that Wylie “likely” has Down syndrome.  There were a few indicators that led to this assessment: 1)There are two choroid plexus cysts on her brain (these are harmless, but often present in babies with a genetic disorder), and 2) her… Read More »An update on our baby girl…

Accepted By Christ

By Karla Duerson: A theme emerges as of late and I am compelled to write a note of it to you all—my church family.  Here are the threads: –At a party with a conversation about acceptance and being liked… –A gathering around the Advent wreath reading these words by Ann Voscamp sparked by Ruth and Naomi’s relationship, “When God is our God, we take His people as our people, and we take a vow of forever love and loyalty…” –English Grammar instruction with Guy discussing “The Quarrel” in which body parts cease their work after fighting over whose function was… Read More »Accepted By Christ

Birth Pains

By Karla Duerson There has been that moment every time.  He has to come out.  She has to come out.  This has been what I’ve been wanting.  Right?  Pregnant women know about the time to which I am referring.  The time when you realize that the baby has to come out—one way or another! Truthfully, when I reached the middle to end of my last trimester of pregnancy I was ready to hold my baby in my arms, not around my waist.  I delighted in carrying my Guy, Emma, Kendall and Beau within me, but I also cherished the thought… Read More »Birth Pains