A Simple Church Christmas (Free Music)

Recorded live at Awesome, Inc, on Main Street in downtown Lexington, KY, this album features music by members of simple church communities across the region at our annual Christmas Celebration Gathering. Special thanks to Gideon Maki, Hannah Flynn, Diego Vogel, and Dana Vogel for sharing their gifts with us all. Also included is “Lights on My House” also performed that evening as well as “Luke 2:11” recorded during Skate Church the same day when testing out the recording equipment. Enjoy! Note: You will need to provide an email address and to receive your download link.  If you have any troubles… Read More »A Simple Church Christmas (Free Music)

Christmas Celebration Gathering – Dec. 14 – Downtown LEX

Sunday December 14th, from 5-7PM, the simple church alliance would like to invite all friends to come together to celebrate Christmas! Join others from the region as we celebrate Christ’s birth, fellowship, eat great food (see below), sing Christmas carols, and perhaps even do a little dancing! This year’s celebration will be held downtown Lexington at Awesome Inc., which is located at 348 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40507 Guests are asked to bring savory and sweet finger foods to share with all. Drinks and service ware will be provided. You will be able to park in any of the… Read More »Christmas Celebration Gathering – Dec. 14 – Downtown LEX

We invite you to come together with folks from various simple/organic/house church communities from the region to celebrate Christ’s birth! On December 8th, we will enjoy a special potluck dinner together and a time of singing Christmas songs.  We also would like to invite your simple church to consider sharing a creative presentation with everyone.  This could be led by your entire group or one person in your simple church, and it could be song, poem, skit, or any artistic presentation of your choosing related to Christmas!  In addition, if you would like to take part in baby dedications, we… Read More »

Star of Bethlehem Presentation – Dec. 23rd

Please join us to view The Star of Bethlehem on Sunday December 23rd, 10a-12p. Please RSVP to and See details below. Hello, my name is Mark Mackey, I’m part of the Simple Church network (Out West), and I would like to share with you a video presentation that is awe-inspiring. In our family, this DVD(the Star of Bethlehem) has become somewhat of a tradition to view a couple of times per year. With all of the distractions of commercialism, and pressure “to do” whatever makes Christmas a “happy holiday”, don’t you get the feeling there’s just something not right… Read More »Star of Bethlehem Presentation – Dec. 23rd

Introducing…Jesus Christ!

Below is the link to download/listen the message I shared at First Alliance yesterday entitled Introducing…Jesus Christ! A friend of mine told me this morning that it was “the best 20 point sermon he had ever heard.”  I’m not sure exactly what he meant by that…  I’ve also linked the video that I showed at the beginning of my message.  The video is shows Steve Harvey introducing Jesus. Listen To “Introducing… Jesus Christ!” Here Steve Harvey Introducing Jesus Christ… [youtube=]