January 20 Leadership Gathering

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January 20 Leadership Gathering

January Simple Church Leadership Gathering.

As we begin a new year, I would like to encourage all simple church leaders and those hoping to lead simple church this year to come together for “kick off” of sorts for 2016. We enjoy a dinner together and take time to re-focus our hearts on the vision God has given us, “Multiplying disciples and ultimately simple churches to the ends of the earth.”

Please pray about and come ready to share briefly with others how you sense God leading you to live out our vision in 2016.

Some questions to consider as you pray thought this: Are there any specific people the Lord is opening up discipleship relationships with? Are there any places the Lord is leading you to go to? Who are the persons of peace in you life? How do you feel led to engage them and invite them to walk with Jesus alongside of you? What steps is the Lord leading you to take to grow personally as a disciple-maker? Do you have a sense on how God would like to multiply your simple church family this year?

While visiting with several other leaders in simple church recently the question was posed, “What if the number of simple churches doubled in 2016?” I have to believe that would be a wonderful thing, as it would mean that new people were in the Kingdom, new disciple-makers are being made and Jesus is showing up in our lives and communities in life-changing and inspiring ways!

Could God lead you to help see such a thing happen?

We hope to see you Wednesday!



Simple Church Offices

2nd floor of the First Southern Bank Building, 3060 Harrodsburg Road, Lexington, KY

Pizza and veggies provided.

Kids welcome.


Your RSVP to gavinduerson@gmail.com is helpful for food planning purposes.


  1. Hey Gavin… Wish we could be there! Will be praying for all our SC friends in Lexington! The Fields are RIPE unto Harvest! God is calling each of us right where we are planted. Deep Blessings as you agree with God for His Plan to touch all of Lexington and more this year! Gaitha and I will be here in Columbia, MO Praising God for the Journey we started together 20 years ago and will continue for the next 20!! Lovin’ The Jesus Journey together!!

    • Thank you for checking in and for your prayers! Hope we can see you soon and always let us know we can pray for you all!

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