Luke 10 Manual – Steve and Marilyn Hill (Free eBook)

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Luke 10 Manual – Steve and Marilyn Hill (Free eBook)

The Luke 10 Manual is a great resource that we have linked here before.  It exists on many sites on the web but often time those sites can vanish making our links broken (occasionally you can find a paperback copy from Amazon as well).  To make sure that you can find and access this resource,  I am hosting it now here on our site (If this is a problem with anyone related to this book, then please let me know.)

Tony and Felicity Dale did a great time leading us through the principles found in Luke 10 at our conference this past weekend.  They mentioned this book and it is well worth your time if you if you are interested in multiplying disciples and simple churches.  If you missed the conference and are not a podcast person (we hope to post the conference sessions on our podcast soon), then this would be an excellent way for you to consider some of the same ideas we did at the conference.

Download Here. LK10_Manual__26_04_10



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