Message of the Month – A Simple Church On Every Street

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Message of the Month – A Simple Church On Every Street

Starting this month, I will highlight a message that I feel is important for believers to consider, especially those of us seeking to walk with Jesus outside the traditional, organizational structures.

It’s always been a challenge for me to break-away from the school year calendar.  August continues to feel like the start of a new year for me.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons I am thinking a lot these days about refocusing on the vision God has for me, my family, and for the Simple Church Alliance.  For my first “message of the month,” I would like to share a message I gave a while back to a traditional church congregation highlighting the vision to which I believe God has called us… multiplying disciples and planting simple churches.  If you are new or have been around here a while, I pray this message will encourage you as you listen to God concerning role in His Great Commission.


Listen online or Download Mp3 here:

Have you listened to a message recently that has encouraged you in your journey with Christ outside the traditional church walls?  If so, share it with me and perhaps it will be next months message!