LTG – Just Do It! (Guest Blog by Marian Toth)

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LTG – Just Do It! (Guest Blog by Marian Toth)

Last month, I attended the Simple Church Conference lead by Neil Cole.

I have read books and articles written by Neil but I really enjoyed the teaching on Life Transformation Groups (LTG). During this time, the Lord began to speak to me about seeking a person with whom to experience an LTG. I began to ask Him for wisdom about a person to ask. After praying for several days, God placed a woman on my heart.   Sherry is a lady that I have met before, but do not know well.  At first I did not know if I wanted to take the risk being turned down as she is a very influential woman in our city.

However, we are Facebook friends so I prayed about what I should write, wrote her a note that included some information about LTGs, and went to work.  Of course the entire 6 hours that I worked, I worried that she either wouldn’t respond or say no. Well, when I got home I received a note saying that she was “intrigued” by the LTG concept and we made arrangements to get together and discuss the idea.   I asked Gavin to pray for our meeting last Thursday.   Sherry and I had met and enjoyed a wonderful time talking about the Lord.  We realized that we are kindred spirits in spiritual matters. This coming week we will begin our Life Transformation Group together!

I learned several important things this week.  Like seek the Lord and when He gives you a name or something to do, accept it and be obedient to do the task quickly. Sherry was actually seeking God for something just like LTG for quite some time.

My advice . . . . Just do it!



Listen to Neil’s teaching about LTG’s (Sunday Morning) and more here.