What is a Disciple and How Do We Make Them?

Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Blog | 4 comments

What is a Disciple and How Do We Make Them?

I would like to suggest that two of the most important questions followers of Jesus will need to answer along their Journey with Him are:

1) What is a disciple?

2) How is one to make them?

Given that Jesus’ famous last words were to “go into all the world and make disciples,” these questions deserve our time and consideration.

As I have thought about these questions and posed them to others, I’ve noticed more questions come like these:  Do we make disciples by “getting people to go to church?”  Do we make disciples by doing a bible study with someone?  By just living out our faith the best we can?

Some wrestle, too, with the questions that come through being married.  How do we engage in this mission of making disciples together with our spouse?  Couples can find themselves running in different directions—doing their best to keep their own family together while managing their commitments to their friends, family and yes, even their church activities without a plan for disciple-making.

It is surprising to me how long I was able to go on as a Christian without ever really taking time to address these two important questions.  For most of my life walking with Jesus, I’ve ended up doing a bunch of spiritual stuff (meetings, programs, etc) with the hope that some of it sticks on the wall of discipleship.  I do believe that, despite me, God has probably used some of my frenzied activity to make disciples. As of late, however, I have been under the conviction to allow the answers I find in Scripture about the Great Commission (What is a disciple and how am I supposed to make them?) to dictate my time and activities.

For me, the simple church journey is one in the same with the journey of becoming a disciple and making disciples and I pray that it is for you as well.  If you are unable to look to Jesus and the Scriptures and see a clear connection between making disciples like Jesus did and simple church, then I’m afraid you could simply be doing religious stuff because someone (perhaps me) has made you feel that you should.  My prayer is that everyone who decides to join the simple journey will eventually do so because they desire to make disciples in a similar fashion as Jesus did.  Furthermore, they are able to clearly see that imitating Jesus’ plan for making disciples naturally and organically leads to something very similar to simple church.

I look forward to sharing my answers to these questions with you in the near future .  But what about your answers?  What is a disciple?  How are you (and your spouse?) making disciples?  I would love for you to share your thoughts on this below.