Job Openings…

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Job Openings…

Felicity Dale, at recently ran some “wanted ads” for some of the leadership roles that you find in the Church. I thought it would be good for me to link the wanted ads here since many of the leaders involved in the Simple Church Alliance are presently studying simple church leadership and keeping a watchful eye out for those God has gifted in these areas.  Anyone interested in applying can simply contact me and we can arrange an interview 😉

(Click To See Ad)

Wanted: Apostles

Wanted:  Prophets

Wanted: Evangelists

Wanted:  Pastors

Wanted:  Teachers


  1. Please let me know what I can do to start a simple church!


    Dori Umphreys

    • Hello Dori! Thanks for your interest. First off, I would love to know if you are living in Kentucky? If so, myself or someone else involved in a simple church would love to meet with you. We’ve learned that having someone to walk along side of you in this journey is very helpful! Please email me at and If you are not in the area, we’ll find someone who is.

      Secondly, I’d like to refer you to the following link. There is no formula for starting a simple church, but has some very good ideas that you might enjoy considering (and if you haven’t watched “Tidal Wave” yourself, maybe do that right away!)

      Getting Started:

      I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Sadly these links are broken. 🙁

    • Mitch, they should work now. Thanks for letting me know!

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