Welcome to The Simple Church Alliance!

Multiplying disciples and simple church communities to the ends of the earth


PARTNERThe Simple Church Alliance exists to help others find Christian community outside the traditional walls of the church through the multiplication of disciples and simple churches.  Our hope is that we can partner together with those on similar paths so that we may be mutually encouraged along the way.  To learn more, contact us Here.  Someone involved with a simple church community will contact you today!  If you are interested in financially supporting simple church multiplication you can contact the network treasurer, Richard Jirak (rcjirak@gmail.com) or visit us HERE.


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.06.10 PMWe are a growing network of simple churches (or sometimes called “house” or “organic” churches).  Click the map to connect with existing simple churches in the region.

Third Wednesday of Each Month – Gather with other leaders and interested leaders at our “experience” simple church leadership opportunity.  More here.

First Wednesday of Each Month – Connect online with other leaders nationally on our monthly google hangout.  More here.

Quarterly Network Fellowships– Worship and fellowship in larger gatherings quarterly.  More here.


Getting Started

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.17.44 PMWe encourage anyone interested in learning more to check out the following resources here on this site!  Click the highlighted word to explore:

Videos to introduce you to simple church // Books that have helped us see Jesus and His Church in simple ways // Teachings that we, and others have shared on the topic // Podcasts hosted by those in our network to keep the conversation current // Online training for groups.

Most of all, we want to sit down and discuss this path with you in person!  Your journey will be unique so we want to personally walk with you as you discover “simple church” for yourself.  Contact us here.

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